Is it worse to ruin yourself or to be a helpless cog in a machine?

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My love and appreciation for Hereditary have only increased every time I’ve revisited it. What was initially just a terrifying horror to me has slowly become a harrowing family drama turned Greek tragedy with each viewing. Ari Aster created a masterpiece with the film and It is definitely one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen and one of the most promising and impressive directorial debuts of recent years.

I’m sure most reading this have seen or at least know the basic premise of this film but for the few of you that don’t, Hereditary is about the Graham…

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Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time and there’s no doubt about it. For decades he has consistently delivered iconic films that have shaped generations and quickly become classics, largely influencing Hollywood. From Uncut Gems to Joker, Scorsese’s touch can be felt all over the films we still see to this day and The Irishman feels like Scorsese revisiting one of his greatest achievements. The gangster film. Scorsese’s films helped define the genre and with the Irishman, he comes back to the genre and does something completely different with it. Taking a new angle and creating…

“High and Low” is a stark departure from Kurosawa’s typical genre.

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Akira Kurosawa has quickly crept his way into my list of favourite directors. He is incredibly influential and ahead of his time in many regards and one of my favourite things about loving a director who I know won’t make any more films is that I have all the time in the world to watch them. He has an archive of masterpieces just waiting there for me to discover and so far High and Low is my favourite one.

Kurosawa is typically recognised for his samurai films. He is one of the most famous directors of the samurai and his…

The Struggles Of Succes

Not enough people have heard of Sweet Parents and I think this is a crime because David Bly’s directorial debut is an incredible portrait of the struggles of big city living and trying to make it in a career where everything is seemingly stacked against you.

Sweet Parents follows the lives of Gabby and Will, a young couple who moved to new york with the hopes of making it as a renowned sculptor and a successful chef. They’ve now lived in New York for eight years and are no closer than when they started. Living paycheck to paycheck, barely affording…

Perfectly Tragic

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is, in my opinion, one of the best shows the company have ever put out. It was a consistently scary and exciting family drama about love, loss, and trauma, mixed in with some great horror elements that earned it its name. Plus, the show has my favourite episode of tv ever, Two Storms which contains a stunning 17-minute one-take sequence. The first season in the series is almost perfect and I thank Mike Flannagan for a lot of that. His direction and writing were near immaculate and him directing the entire show definitely gave…

Great screenwriting and acting but fall short in other areas.

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Aaron Sorkin is one of the most successful screenwriters working in Hollywood today, and for good reason. He is an incredible writer whose style of storytelling is incredibly engaging and his style of dialogue is unrivaled. Dialogue is what Sorkin Does best and one of the best genres to showcase this is the courtroom drama.

That’s why when I heard that Sorkin had a new courtroom drama out with a cast as good as this I couldn’t help but be excited and for the most part, the trial of the…

Mindfully Mindless

I went into Burn After Reading completely blind and I think this is the best way to approach this movie because it is a film that goes in a lot of different directions so coming in with any preconceived notions of what a Coen Brothers film is might leave you disappointed.

I, however, was very pleasantly surprised by this movie. Burn After Reading contains multiple interconnected stories about the bizarre lives of a group of different people. One story is about a woman struggling to find love so she decides plastic surgery is the answer to her problems. Another is…

Spike Lee has never been shy with his style, this movie is no different.

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Spike Lee is a director who is far from subtle. He knows what he wants to say with his films and he doesn’t give a damn whether you like his message or not. He’ll plaster his message on the screen and splice it into his stories in a powerful way that leaves viewers moved and Da 5 Bloods is no exception.

Da 5 Bloods tells the story of a group of Black American veterans from the Vietnam war who returns to the country many years after the war in hopes to relocate a stash of gold that they had hidden…

This movie captures the joy of skateboarding.

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Mid90s is a film I’ve always wanted to love a lot more than I do. On the surface, it seems like the perfect film for people like me. I’m someone who loves skateboarding and the culture around it and from this film, it’s very clear Jonah Hill does too so I’ve always found it disappointing that I just couldn’t get into this film. Mainly because this is a film that’s carried by its cast and setting, which I love however they’re not enough to completely eclipse the negatives for me.

Before I say what I don’t like I will admit…

Coming Of Age meets Political Drama

Persepolis is an interesting dive into Iran’s political history whilst also being a touching coming of age story that touches on the horrors of war, ethnic identity and unfair sexual politics. It’s an impeccably crafted experience and it’s one of the best-animated films I’ve ever seen.

Before I go on about the narrative I want to quickly touch upon how amazingly animated this film is. The very bleak and sketchbook-esque art style does an incredible job at setting the tone for this film and it faithfully keeps with the style of the art of the graphic novel. …

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Film Reviewer and Aspiring Screenwriter

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